Evelyn Müller
"Just be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."
(Oscar Wilde)

I was born in March 1985 in Stendal, a small town in Saxony-Anhalt. After graduating from high school I completed 3 years of midwifery-training in Leipzig (University Hospital), then worked in my hometown Stendal for 4 years in the delivery room and on the maternity ward. I returned to the beautiful city of Leipzig in 2012 to work in the delivery room at St. Elisabeth-Hospital for nearly 2 years.

Now, after I accompanied approx.700 deliveries and gained a lot of experience both in maternity care on the ward and at home, I fulfilled my deam of an own little practice in 2014. Now after being on maternity leave with my daughter born in 2017 I will start with fresh energy in 2019.