„Sometimes it is just as if life has chosen one of its days and said: To you I want to give everything! You shall be a day, red as roses, shining in our memory when all others are long forgotten.“
(Astrid Lindgren)

The birth of a child is a powerful event and a formative experience for both mother and child – and for everyone who may attend it.

A birthing class helps you prepare for this event. And it isn‘t „all about breathing“! Of course you will learn about breathing and relaxation techniques, but most importantly you will learn about the natural changes, helping you to understand and cope with the process of giving birth and what to expect in the first days and weeks with your newborn child.

Join me on an exciting journey!

Birthing classes in English will be scheduled on demand and will most likely take place on weekends as a two-day class. Contact me for further information. Health insurance will cover the the cost of this birthing class. If you are privately insured you need to contact your insurance company for further details. Your partner is welcome to attend class as well – this will cost 50 Euros and covers the entire birthing class, including snacks. Some health insurances cover for the partners costs as well – just contact your insurance company.